What’s the best way to increase square footage and value in your home?  Take it outside!  In other words, take a second look at that backyard or patio as an extension of your home. To do so, requires inspiration and planning to really making it work.  Host Kelly Deck of HGTV’s new show,”Take It Outside,” shares her expertise on creating a well-planned outdoor space:

• Use your current living room as inspiration for your new outdoor living room.  When taking your design outside it’s important to marry the two spaces which helps create a congruent and easy flow from space to space. MATCH or USE SIMILAR INFLUENCES from the following:

*Colors-the colors don’t have to be exactly the same, but should be complementary or in the same or similar family.

*Patterns-if you use bold patterns in a rug or chair in your living room, feel free to include a bold pattern outdoors-again, no need to use the same pattern, be creative!

*Lighting-using similar sconces or decorative lighting is a great way to create that living room feel under the stars.  Uplighting walls, pillars, plants, or trees increases elegance and gives a “high-end” effect.

*Storage-side and coffee tables using weather-resistant woods or plastics help keep things neat and tidy…and convenient.

*Overall Style-if your living room style is modern, Asian or Latin-influenced, French Colonial, or even eclectic, include that same “feel” with touches from your indoor style to influence your out door style (i.e. wood color, furniture, accessories, light fixtures, patterns of seat cushions, etc.).

If you take it outside…not only will you enjoy the increased value of your home, your dog will love it, too!

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