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Welcome to HomeJelly, a video creation company for home brands. We create media content featuring products from carefully selected sponsorship partners, who can then use this content to engage their social media followers, attract new customers and elevate their brand.

Produced and edited by co-founder, Skaie Knox, HomeJelly videos are jam packed with simple and doable home improvement and decor how-tos, design inspiration, green-friendly repurposing and refurbishing ideas, and delicious and simple recipes that feature the latest goods and gadgets for the budget-mindful home owner and renter.

About Skaie…

Skaie in HomeJelly workshop

Skaie in her HomeJelly workshop.

Skaie Knox is an award-winning, published writer, editorialist and DIY expert. She has released a home decor ebook series called, Project Pillow, created a limited line of custom made “peek-a-boo” lampshades, and have had original projects featured in Woman’s Day, Canadian Home Trends Magazine, AOL’s DIY Life, Disney Family and babble (to name a few).

Skaie has appeared as an on-camera, DIY expert for HomeAdvisor’s Home Hacks video seriesas well as a DIY Expert on Hallmark Chanel’s Home & Family show.

Her approach to her designs and projects is rooted in the farm-life influence and tutelage of her Minnesota-raised mom, Lois – born in 1930 on a homesteaded dairy farm, with no running water, electricity, or indoor facilities. From an early age, Skaie was taught these gardening, cooking, sewing, refurbishing, building and home-improvement skills which she now incorporates into the videos she produces.

Additionally, Skaie is a signed and published singer/songwriter (Fervor Records/ASCAP) and often incorporates her original music into the HomeJelly videos. Her storytelling style can also be seen in her kid’s book, Big Bug Lunch! (ASCAP/Splashing Mermaid Books & Music).

Skaie in her passion-web

Skaie in her passions. Photography by Oscar Zagal.

So, why should you get your brand’s ‘home jam’ on with HomeJelly?
HomeJelly Succulent - web

Succulent by HomeJelly. Photography by Oscar Zagal.

Skaie, along with expert contributors, shares step-by-step projects that are not only simple and creative, but doable and resourceful for the ecologically-mindful homeowner and renter.