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Take It Outside: Inspiration for Designing Your Outdoor Living Room

What's the best way to increase square footage and value in your home? Take it outside! In other words, take a second look at that backyard or patio as an extension of your home. To do so, requires inspiration and planning to really making it work.

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DIY Patio Design: Cool Indoor to Outdoor Decor Ideas

For those of you who live in urban "concrete jungles", new DiggersList friend and user Courtney Cachet shares her very cool indoor to outdoor decor ideas for your patio or deck, creating a more rural feel for this space.

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Transform Your Patio Cover from Boring to Va-Va-Bamboo

With spring arriving and the weather inviting us to spend more time outside, creating a fresh, new look to our outdoor space is a great way to enjoy this area of our homes as well as indulge in the beauty of this time of year.