With spring arriving and the weather inviting us to spend more time outside,  creating a fresh, new look to our outdoor space is a great way to enjoy this area of our homes as well as indulge in the beauty of this time of year. I was recently inspired by an episode of “Red, Hot, & Green” with HGTV’s sustainable super-star host Carter Oosterhouse.  My “do-it-herself” impulse went wild with the idea of a project even I could complete in just a few hours.

The project:  transform your patio cover into a clean, green, and tropical cabana. Not only is bamboo attractive and weather resistant, it is also sustainable due to it’s ability to grow and regenerate faster than any grass on the planet.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s what you’ll need:

• hammer or pry bar

• tape measure

• bamboo rolled fencing

• masking tape

• sharp hand saw or pruner

• sand paper

• cabinet screws

• hand drill

Here’s what you do:

1.  Prep your current patio cover: if you have an old covering (i.e. plastic/metal corrugated material, mesh, or canvas), remove it.  Using a hammer or simple pry bar should do the trick.

2.  Measure the outside perimeter of your framework.

3.  Buy or order the needed square footage of rolled bamboo (often referred to as bamboo fencing).

4.  Cut and sand the bamboo roll to the desired length.  How-to tip: you can use a sharp pruner if the bamboo is less than 1″ in diameter.  A fine-toothed hand saw is another good alternative and can do bigger widths as well.   Place masking tape over the cut line for final cuts and support the ends of the stocks when cutting.  This will help prevent splinting and minimize sanding.

5. Attach the bamboo roll to the framework with cabinet screws (using your hand drill).

6.  Extra-Tip: spice up your new cabana with outdoor draperies.  Buy or make draperies with outdoor fabric and attach them to each post for a more tropical, breezy, custom feel.

Voila!  Just add a mai-tai, margarita, and/or Red Stripe to the mix, and you’ve got yourself covered.

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