Cleaning products are a necessity in every home, but you don’t need to run to the store when you run out. Believe it or not, DIY All-Purpose cleaner is easy to make at home from common pantry items. Not only will this save you money, but it also gives you more control over what goes into your cleaning products. In this blog post, I will show you how to make your own natural household cleaner.

Ingredients You Will Need:

  1. Distilled white vinegar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Essential oils (optional)
  4. Water
  5. A spray bottle
Two brown glass bottles of homemade cleaner
Photo by: Daiga Ellaby

The Recipe:

Step 1: Mix 1 part distilled white vinegar to 1 part water.

This means that if you’re using a 16 oz. spray bottle, you’ll want to use 8 oz. of vinegar and 8 oz. of water. Measure and pour these into your spray bottle.

Step 2: Add a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and gentle scrubber, making it a great addition to your cleaner. Be careful when adding the baking soda to your vinegar mixture, as it will react and create bubbles.

Step 3: Add essential oils (optional).

The smell of vinegar can be offputting to some. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil can help you make your home smell good as you clean. Lemon, lavender, and peppermint are all popular choices for their fresh and clean scents. You can also purchase blends of essential oil made for cleaning products like this one.

Step 4: Shake well.

This will help to mix all of the ingredients together. Shake the bottle before each use to ensure the ingredients are well combined.

How to Use Your DIY All-Purpose Cleaner:

You can use this DIY all-purpose cleaner much like you would any other all-purpose cleaner. Simply spray it onto the surface you want to clean, then wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth.

This cleaner is great for non-porous surfaces (see notes below), kitchen appliances, and more. It’s always a good idea to do a small spot test first to ensure the cleaner does not discolor the material.

A Few Notes:

  • Vinegar should not be used on porous surfaces like marble or granite, as it can etch the surface. You can easily swap out the vinegar for Castille soap if you need a gentler cleaner for your countertops.
  • Always shake your cleaner before use to ensure the ingredients are well mixed.

Making your own DIY all-purpose cleaner household is a simple and effective way to reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s cost-effective and eco-friendly. Give this DIY all-purpose cleaner a try and see the difference it makes in your home!

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