As this crazy year trundles awkwardly on, we’re now finding ourselves at the threshold of the holidays. How, in goodness sake, can we get through these typically wonderful celebratory months safely, yet in a sort of twisted-normal-ish way?

By being CREATIVE, that’s how!

Today’s how-to is going to be up to each person’s discretion, of course, but I’m hoping it’ll inspire you to have a happily socially distanced Halloween!

Keys to a Safe Halloween

Socially distanced Trick or Treat sign
Make your own socially distanced trick-or-treat sign. Make one out of cardboard of whatever you have around the house. The sloppier, the scarier! source: @thebirdandthebeard

1. When prepping candy or individual bags, wear a face mask and gloves. 

2. Post “Stop Here” or “Grab a Candy from Yard” or “Get Ready to Catch!” signs to help guide trick-or-treaters.

3. Create rope barriers or secure front gates to prevent enthusiastic trick-or-treaters from knocking on your door.

4. Have fun and stay positive! We’re all new to this craziness, but it can be a Halloween to remember!

Here’s How to Safely Get Into the Spirit!

1. Fashion a PVC Pipe Candy Dispenser

PVC Pipe Candy Dispenser
Our neighbors created this crazy candy dispenser out of PVC pipe. So fun! source:

This past summer, our creative neighbors fashioned a 20+ foot PVC pipe candy dispenser for their son’s 13th birthday. It was such a hit and helped keep his friends safe at the same time. You can make one of your own and even dispense candy into the window of cars! Visit your local hardware store or any box store to grab some PVC pipe and duct tape. Make it as long as you’d like, but at least 6 feet will do!

2. DIY a Candy Catapult or Slingshot

DIYSlingshot for a safe Halloween
DIY a slingshot or catapult for a safe and fun-filled Halloween! source:

Why should the kids have all the fun?!? With stuff you’ve got at home and a quick trip outside, you can make your very own candy catapult or slingshot to dispense treats in a whole new and totally fun way! The STEPS to this method of giving candy is:

A. Post a sign to let kids and parents know they’ll be catching their candy.

B Put some kind of barrier (string, rope, or your own fence) to keep them from coming up to your door.

C. Leave a bell tied to something solid they can use to let you know they’ve arrived (unless you love to leave your door open or sit out front to greet trick or treaters as they come).

D. Tell them to get ready just before you fling the flavorfuls!

3. Add Lollipop Sticks to Candies and Plant Them

This clever idea works best with candy bar-type candies (minis will do). Using latex or rubber gloves, poke each piece with a lollipop stick  (find them at your local Michael’s store or your local bakery might have some). If you can’t find lollipop sticks, try chopsticks or bamboo skewers. If you don’t want to go to all the trouble, simply buy lollipop candies like “dum dums”, “Tootsie Pops” or regular one. Plant them all over your yard or place in a big bucket filled with sand or dirt. This is a fun and creative and safe alternative for leaving out bowls of candy (which has been discouraged by the medical community).

4. Build a Sweets Slide

Here’s where you can have some super fun with cardboard, plastic sheeting or old Hot Wheel tracks! Create a sweets slide to drop candy down a shoot, right into your trick-or-treater’s bags! Fun! By using a ladder and a couple of chairs, you can duct tape together a slide that will be safe and unforgettable!

5. Throw a Halloween Hunt

Halloween Hunt
Halloween hunts can be done outside or inside your home. source:

Think Easter Egg hunt and you’ve got yourself a whole lotta fun with costumes in October! I believe this could be a whole new thing, frankly! Plus, if you’re wanting to really play it safe with your household, this is the perfect solution. Simply hide candy all over your backyard, front yard, living room or wherever you’d like, have the kids (or adult kids!) dress up in their favorite costumes, put on some fun Halloween music and release the candy-finding Krack’n! 

6. Throw a Virtual Costume Contest and Halloween Happy Hour

If you’re playing it safe this holiday season, you can still get in the game by throwing a Zoom, Skype or Google Meet Halloween costume contest and Halloween happy hour! You’ll be able to enjoy everyone’s company and get super silly at the same time. 

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