All across America (and beyond), many of us are pulling down boxes, dusting them off, and pulling out decorations to once again deck our halls for the holidays. For those of us with limited time and energy, here are some fantastically quick and simple ways to add sparkle and magic to your home.

Fruit ‘n Ornaments: fill a nice platter or bowl with fruit (apples would also add a pop of red) and toss in silver or colored glass ornaments and top off with sprigs of pine for a fresh, seasonal display. Photo:

Pine Cone Tree: bring the outdoors in and let the kids help by finding mini pine cones and fallen branches. Plop the branches into any vase or bucket, weigh down with stones or sand, then hang cones with string. This tree will last throughout the winter months as well. Photo:

Repurposed Christmas Lights: instead of throwing out all those unlightable Christmas bulbs, repurspose them into this colorful-filled vase. Dust with artificial snow and you’ve really got yourself a party! Photo:

Candy Cane Garland: with just a quick trip to the grocery and local craft store, or a digging through your ribbon stash, you can display these confectioner’s canes that’ll have Santa hesitating to move on to the next house. Photo:

Holiday Card Tree: here’s a delightful way to display all those Christmas and holiday cards that will add warmth and an artful flare to your room. Photo:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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