Out on a limb. source: Collins Design via Elle Decor

Why go to the gym, when you can just work out going home?  This week’s syndicated blog is a delightful peak at homes that leave their owners with no choice but to increase their heart rates and pedometer numbers simply by getting to the front door.


The House that Makes you Lose Weight-Designs that make you work it!

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Forget the Stairmaster in the basement. What if the house itself was your Stairmaster. Hungry? Climb the ladder to the kitchen. Want a shower? Use the two-story rock wall to get to the bathroom. There’s no way around it. These houses were designed to be fat-free, to make you move even if it means having to strap on skis to get there. Author of High Fit Home, Joan Vos MacDonald, strongly advocates “designing the whole home so that people are encouraged and even enticed into walking or moving during the course of their regular activities.” The house that inspires (or, in many cases, forces) you off the couch is the house that make you lose weight. Our only question: Where can we get one too?

Pick Your Way


Talk about extreme living. To get to this home in Stol Mountain Ridge, Slovenia, you’ve got to do some pretty fierce ice climbing. The good news is that the high-level trek is sure to burn off that triple-decker sandwich you ate for lunch.  Credit: Inspired by Nature: Plants © 2008 W.W. Norton & Co. (available April 2008)

Water Works


A strict no-motorboat policy on this lake means rowing is the only way to get home. The good news? You can ditch the gym since your twice-daily workout will keep you in tip-top shape.

Row House


This neighborhood on the Swedish coast is all about great sea legs. Especially when the only way to borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbors is to paddle your way into their kitchen.


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