There is good news for the building industry, as well as an exciting future for those looking for a challenge and change.  The video below, brought to you by the Washington State Department of Ecology, reveals the new age of building, and a transition from “blue collar” jobs to “green collar” high-tech jobs with “Mother Nature” as the ultimate project manager.  More importantly, this means that more opportunities are becoming available to anyone in this industry including contractors and carpenters, skilled tradesmen and women, electricians, steel workers, designers, custom craftsmen and women, architects and more.  What’s fundamentally built in is the environmental impact, that being positively served by an industry which, in the past, was not always one to follow the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle.  Looks like times are changing: more jobs that consider its effect on the earth, creating a perfect win-win situation.

Note: This video is 12 minutes in length. Enjoy!

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