Pumpkins, ghosts and Frankenstein have all been Halloween’s ambassadors for years, their presence announcing the start of “spooky season” and the titillatingly fun, silly, and macabre playfulness this time of year brings about.  Yesterday’s post showed us how to make a gourdeous glowing pumpkin lantern. Today, we turn to hosts ghost and Frankenstein to light the way for costumed visitors. Boooo goes there?

What you’ll need:

  1. (1a.) white, paper lantern-ghost lantern, (1b.) square paper table lamp-Frankenstein
  2. cord kit-ghost
  3. scissors
  4. double-stick tape
  5. white tissue paper sheets (ghost), tissue paper circles (Frankenstein)
  6. sticky-back black Foamies sheets
  7. ping-pong balls

Here’s what to do:

A. Ghost:

1. Insert cord kit and hang lantern low enough to be able to work around it.

2. Lay out white tissue paper sheets (stack 6-8 at a time to save time).

3. Fold in half.

4. Fold in half again.

5. Cut along the RIGHT folded edge to open up this side.

6. Start on this newly cut edge and then cut crosswise in 3/4 inch strips all the way down the page. Do NOT cut all the way across, leave a 2 inch edge as shown.

7. Finally, cut fold open along the opposite edge to create individual frayed strips.

8. Attach strips of double-stick tape along the unfrayed edge.

9. Start at the bottom of the lantern and stick on strips, all the way around. Continue to the very top. Tip: as you get to the top, you may want to divide the strips into smaller sections for easier application.

10. Take black foamies and cut out eyes, eyebrows, and mouth (as desired). Stick eyes onto ping pong ball eyes, then tape and stick onto lantern. Optional: for stronger adhesion of ping pong balls, glue with hot glue gun.


A. Frankenstein:

1. Follow the pumpkin lantern how-to using the green circles to completely cover lamp shade. Optional: add a layer of purple at the bottom for a pop of added color.

2. Take foamies and cut out hair line, scar, eyes (stick onto ping pong balls), uni-brow, nose, mouth, and screws for sides of neck (as desired) then stick onto lamp shade. Optional: for stronger adhesion of ping pong balls, glue with hot glue gun.


All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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