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Weekend DIY Project: Make A Lamp Out of Anything

This past Christmas, I was gifted an amazing mermaid vase I found at atwestend.com. It is so beautiful, but I can't quite bring myself to fill it with water and watch as the flower stems crud up the inside of her. My solution? Turn her into a lamp!

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Weekend DIY Project: How to Make A Paint Stir Sticks Pendant Lamp

Seeing that Matt and I just finished a very large exterior paint project on our rental, today's "Weekend DIY Project" really caught my eye. Clever blogger and mother of five, Laura Lynn from Enjoying the Simple Things, put two simple things together: paint

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Rental House Gets Paint-Pampered

"Rental-schmental!" It's ours for now, and despite our landlord's tightly shut wallet and reluctance to home-improve his 1930s era property, we're willing to part with a few bucks to spruce up this house we call home. Spring sure has been a busy season for

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5 Reinvented Uses for Old TVs

Ah, the days of the clunky, boxy television sets, often made of simulated wood grain, and so darn heavy, no one dared rearrange their furniture (I suppose that's just how the "point everything at the

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Steampunk Inspired Lights Are So Delish

Out and about on a recent Saturday, I stumbled into what many decor "diggers" might describe as "Mecca", a shop called Big Daddy's Antiques, and whoa daddy, was this place was filled with one-of-a-kind gems. This busting-

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Room of the Day: Greenhouse Music Studio Space

Every so often, we enter a space that just feels...right. But, why is this, so? Whether it's the lighting, the warmth of hard wood floors, the fancy decor, or the linens, the result is an energy that just vibes with us in a

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