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Every so often, we enter a space that just feels…right. But, why is this, so? Whether it’s the lighting, the warmth of hard wood floors, the fancy decor, or the linens, the result is an energy that just vibes with us in that “je ne sais quoi” kinda way. In other words, there’s more than one answer to this question of design-it’s just gotta have that IT factor for us personally (or for those we’re designing for). Today’s “Room of the Day” certainly strums a major cool chord with this girl, a space that’s inspiring both musically and decor-wise.

The controlled chaos of the strewn about instruments, cables, and equipment are creatively contained by such elements as a worn yet stylish and oversized rug, vintage chairs, cool clip-on lighting, and the space itself, a greenhouse-type room that allows a waterfall of light to flood the place. The ivy covered walls softens all the electronics, glass and metal, evoking an oxymoronic vibe that’s so…hip. Any musician worth his or her salt would be able to craft very cool tunes here. For those of you musicians (or anyone looking to be inspired) who would like to replicate this room in your home, here’s a few of the items that’ll at least get you closer to fine.

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Okay, so you don’t have a greenhouse IN your house…why not purchase one for your backyard? It may fall short on sound proofing, but for musicians who rehearse with cans (hence, my love for electronic drums), there’s no worries here. Still, for other means, the light in this space is unquestionably inspiring…why not let your imagination grow like a well cared for orchid?

Rug. Source:

After you’ve purchased your greenhouse, or cleared out your brightly lit basement, place a large colorful area rug to both warm and help dampen the sound. This also helps to keep the low-end frequencies from vibrating the rest of house.

Old industrial wood steel chair. Source:

Vintage wood chair. Source:

Decor elements like these vintage chairs add a special energy and loads of character. When creating, the idea of possibility and positivity can be incredibly productive, and these pieces certainly communicate that quality and strong ideas last the test of time.

Red clip-on light. Source:

For an eclectic spin on this room, bright, modern-ish lighting is just the ticket. The pop of color (POC) brightens and lightens the “mood” of your room, a whimsical decor breath of fresh air. Some plants, potted or hanging, along with fun, cool wall art brings it all together. Now, rock on!

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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