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There’s no doubt our sophistication for hard surface flooring has grown over the past several years. With countless DIY and design television shows, magazines, and blogs educating us on the variety of materials, practical application, and potential for a major design impact, it’s no wonder we’ve taken great strides in our appreciation of this major feature in our home.

From tile, to stone, hardwood, and cement, the personality of a space is often determined by these elements. Taking it another imaginative step further, designers (professional and DIYers alike) are also manipulating these materials using patterns, paint, and finishes to create dramatic results. Have a lick look at these tasty floors…they’re almost good enough to eat!

Black and white geometric tile. Source: christinamurphyinteriors.com

A kitchen’s drama can be all about the floors like these, covered in black a white geometric tile.

Cement floors. Source: vtwonen.nl

Inspiration is often found when there is space to create. Clean and sparse, these cement floors also allow the occupant to roll around seamlessly…whenever the spirit moves them.

Wine box flooring. Source: en.parador.eu

Character warms a space, and this wine box flooring offers a vintage-full of it.

Painted floor. Source: southernliving.com

Instead of painstakingly refinishing a whole room’s hardwood surface, create a painted floor. Using painters tape and a cool stencil, you’ll be on your way to a new floor in no time.

Herringbone floors. Source: JanieRebecca, pinterst.com

Herringbone floors can be had using all kinds of materials, from brick, wood, tile, stone…even painted. The results are clearly classic and sophisticated…and because of this very little furniture is needed.

Mosaic tile floor. Source: lancejordancreations.com

Magic happen when artisans are allowed to do what they do best. An example is this bathroom mosaic tile floor that depicts water. The skill and imagination to design this upward “flowing” tile on both the sink and tub qualifies craftsman Lance Jordan for a standing ovation.

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Written By Skaie Knox

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