Out and about on a recent Saturday, I stumbled into what many decor “diggers” might describe as “Mecca”, a shop called Big Daddy’s Antiques, and whoa daddy, was this place was filled with one-of-a-kind gems. This busting-at-the-seams warehouse, located in Los Angeles, had me at “Hello.” The lobby greeted visitors with tongue-wagging, funky finds like industrial metal and wood shelve filled with heavy, iron bull-dogs standing on a stack of books next to a couple of beautiful Esso gas cans,  and a rustic, reclaimed wood desk so thick and full of character, you almost want to weep (mainly because it’s clearly a functioning desk and not for sale).

Upon further exploration I soon realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, nor was I in a typical over-crammed antique shop. No, there was a designer’s eye and hand in this place, vignettes and staged areas throughout the place, giving you the vision of what that $850 leather and bourbon colored club chair might look like in your home. As I weaved from room to room, I found myself snapping off pictures of the most compelling lights; I soon realized these were quite different from the other items, repurposed and definitely steampunk inspired. They were industrial in nature, and futuristic in vibe, bulbs with long and glowing filaments that seemed almost “out-of-this-world”. With that, here is just a sample of these delicious light fixtures.

Steampunk hanging light.

{Steampunk hanging light}: the industrial metal cover shows its age with patina, grime, and form…beautifully aged.

Steampunk pan light.

{Steampunk pan light}: dual filament lights are featured inside this antique bread pan…a clever fusing of old and new, equaling in forward-thinking design.

Steampunk pulley light.

{Steampunk pulley light}: the brilliance of repurpose is clearly illustrated by the use of this antique wheel pulley turned light fixture…classic steampunk in action. Note: the staging included this fab medicine cabinet that unknowingly gives us a peak at some of the showroom’s other gems.

Steampunk wire wastebasket lights.

{Steampunk wire wastebasket lights}: with many paperless offices today, wastebaskets are better served as cool, funky lighting. The colors and industrial metal feel are classic early 20th century, but their new identity is totally progressive.

Steampunk cable lights.

{Steampunk cable lights}: test-tube light bulbs hung by an antique cable pulley system completely smacks of steampunk cool. This beauty would be that “something special” everyone needs in their home…entryway indoor or out would do the trick.

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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