A room with a view is a very special and desirable feature in any home or office, yet sometimes, they are not nature-made. Fences, walls, our neighbor’s house or building, etc. may not be the ideal scenery outside our windows, but with a little DIY designing and help from “Mother Nature”, we can create beauty and inspiration that’s worth a million bucks.

Strung orchids. Source:

Quick-tip #1: orchids, or any flower for that matter, strung outside a window is just lovely…especially when the breeze swings them to and fro, and the sun catches their magnificent colors just so.

Tin can planters. Source:

Quick-tip #2: Put those old coffee cans to use and repurpose them into these posh hanging planters. Simply wrap the cans with some fabulous gift paper and suspend them outside a window with rustic twine. For low-maintenance care, insert succulents that require very little watering.

Bird feeder. Source: Skaie Knox,

Quick-tip #3: Hang a bird feeder outside your office window to create a zen and “stay-in-the-moment” lovely atmosphere. The bird watching will relax and educate you on the different types and colors of your local feathered friends.

Planters outside each window. Source: via

Quick-tip #4: If you’d like a little color where there is only hardscape or dirt, place flower-filled planters outside each window for a view that is pleasing and ever-changing.

Window herbs suction cup planters. Source:

Quick-tip #5: For high-rise dwellings and work spaces, try “stick-on” gardens using nifty suction cups. The view will be spectacularly green and lively.

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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