Plastic Pink flamingos, the now iconic symbol for “home sweet home” have now been recruited for a more environmentally practical purpose. High above the coastline of Half Moon Bay in Northern California, tucked beneath the shady canopy of the giant redwoods, sits a quaint Swiss style chalet on a hillside covered in spider plants. With clever and “Divine” ingenuity, the owners thought up a very quirky and retro-inspired solution to stave off the possibility of erosion so common in their area.

200 of these coral-flushed fake fowl were planted throughout the hillside, their steel “legs” acting as support stakes that strengthened the plants’ hold where inserted. A much more decorative answer to this seasonal problem.

Throughout the rest of the year, these neon nestlings happily dot the land, offering themselves as this home’s whimsical landmark and quite an artistic yard ornament installation for visitors and passersby alike.

Source: top two photos unknown, via email, third photo:

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