In the world of DIY design, there are so many opportunities for magic to happen. There are no boundaries fenced off by rules or “high-end” standards, just the freedom to create what “feels good”. These delicious examples of exterior lighting further illuminate the vastness of what’s possible when we continue to feel our way to making that something special, even when we’re totally in the dark as to how. Utilizing everyday items such as buckets to hanging flower baskets then using candles, pendant lights, and even the sun to make them shine, we can surely taste the sweet flavor-flave of do-it-yourself success.

{Solar light lids on Mason Jars} source: treasureagain, etsy

{Oil lamps in a hurricane} source:

{Wire planter basket pendant light} how-to and image source:

{Galvanized bucket & floating candles} source:

{Clam basket & candles} source:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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