Low gate.

Often times we can find great inspiration for design right in our own backyards. In this case, I found several walking through my very own neighborhood. These lovely low gates are oh, so welcoming and create a wonderful sense of architecture that is both unassuming and stylish. Accessorized by flanking lights, finials, or brick posts, the variety of designs are as endless as your taste and imagination. If you’re a little short on either one of these, maybe the following examples will open the doors to an idea that’ll have you flying high…in style that is.

Chunky wood gate.

{Chunky wood gate}: sans surrounding fence, there is no question as to where you enter this home.

Girl in a swing.

{Girl in a swing}: custom and charming, your welcome is always sweet and homey.

Girl in a swing close-up.

{Girl in a swing close-up}: love the whimsical details like the birds and her kicky hat.

Garden gate.

{Garden gate}: a simple white picket gate turns magnificent with an arbor pergola entwined with floral vines. Clearly, this is Klunkers’ favorite.

Metal and acorn gate.

{Metal and acorn gate}: a mix of materials blend to offer richness and elegance.

Acorn finials.

{Acorn finials}: these porous and stately acorns add a touch of nature, even monochromatically.

Fleur de lis gates.

{Fleur de lis gates}: charm and a French welcome might have you anticipating a kiss on both cheeks. The curvy details are befitting of this historic home that smacks of Snow White and her seven dwarfs.

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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