How To Make An Old, Gold Light Sconce Look Industrial Mod

Industrial Cage Light Before & After

Industrial Cage Light Before & After

Leave it to an Auzzie like Kristine, from The Painted Hive, to turn something brassy into bad-assy! Today’s DIY project is for those of us who have reluctantly inherited old decor and long for something mod and current. After all, it’s just a light fixture which can be updated again quite easily. Additionally, as a budding do-it-herselfer, I’m learning that leftover supplies (like the ones you’ll surely have in this how-to), are actually equity towards future tasks. In fact, it’s quite motivating to have on-hand materials such as extra paint, stains, wood scraps and hardware. I must admit, my work space is making me feel quite the DIY bad-ass myself. Ah, Bob Villa would be so proud.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Lamp cage

Lamp cage. source:

Modern Masters Paint

Modern Masters Paint. source:

Edison light bulb

Edison light bulb. source:

Here’s what you do:

Visit The Painted Hive for full how-to.

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