Blue wagon planter

Blue wagon planter.

I had reluctantly driven by it a dozen times or so. It was  H.D. Buttercup, the home design Mecca for decor nerds like me, and I had finally carved out a Saturday to lookie-loo to my heart’s content. At first, the inexhaustible amount of stuff was a bit overwhelming, so I decided to limit myself to just a few shops in order to give myself quality browsing time. After a couple hours of picture-taking, I was about to call it a day, when this very blue wagon caught my attention. I stumbled into this make-shift storefront called Dandelion Ranch with displays of mindfully arranged and contained flowers and plants that practically reached out and pulled me in…my interest was cheerfully piqued. Owner/floral designer Clover Chadwick was as cheery as her ranunculus, whose ideas of repurposing tin cans, old furniture and windows into planters and garden features were born out of her love of design and nature. “Whether full or minimal, we allow the flowers to retain their integrity and arrange them in a way to maintain their natural movement, or rather the way they might appear in the garden.” I love this tip. Allowing flowers to tell their story naturally releases the need of being too fussy. It’s very wabi-sabi, not unlike these easy-going and clever containers I snapped off as digital keepsakes before venturing happily on home.

Watering can planter

Watering can planter, wire baskets and wine crates.

Metal coffee table planter

Metal coffee table planter.

Tin can and pail containers

Tin can and pail containers.

Wooden toolbox planter

Wooden toolbox planter.

Repurposed windows garden feature and/or space divider

Repurposed windows garden feature and/or space divider.

Dandelion Ranch storefront

Dandelion Ranch storefront.

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Photography by Skaie Knox,

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