Home office, before

Home office, before.

Home office & work space, after

Home office & work space, after.

Spring cleaning is not just for spring. With all the DIYing I’ve been up to these days, I was in great need to have more “office space” to stay organized and functional. Additionally, since our little bungalow boasts only two rooms, the garage has done double duty as our second home office which consisted of a salvaged insurance office cubical. Blah. The not-so-creatively motivating grey walls and desk took up an awkward amount of square footage and visually cut the room in half. Crowding the room even more was an old wingback chair I’ve been longing to reupholster as well as other furniture odds and ends. It was time for a change! Still, I wasn’t looking to do a major overhaul like changing out flooring, putting up dry wall or even painting. Not to worry. It’s amazing how just a few little tweaks can make such a major difference.

So, with the energy and resolve of honey badgers, Matt helped me rip out the “grey”, post our stuff on DiggersList (meanwhile, my mom will foster parent the wingback), swap in our dining room table that was way too big for the space and clean out several years of dust and grime. Now, that wasn’t so bad. These small changes made a big impact on the vibe and overall feel of our home offices. Oh, yeah…it feels like spring is in the air!

Home Office Makeover Tips…Here’s what we did:

1. Cleared out the old office furniture: this included the blah walls, the desks and carpet.

2. Cleaned, dusted, and de-cob webbed: it’s amazing what gets lost behind cabinets, under desks, and in AND under the carpet. This one step was probably most effective  to “clearing” cluttered energy and visual space.

3. Tied and secured all wires and cables: in today’s office space, we have a plethora of phone, cable and speaker wires, along with internet and computer cables that can not only collect dust and create a knotted mess, it can also be a fire hazard. With good quality power strips, twisty ties and cable staples, were were able to easily tame these techno tentacles and keep them neatly out of the way.

4. Downsized the stuff: this included unnecessary/outdated paperwork and files (don’t forget to shred confidential documents), furniture we really no longer needed (i.e. our extra filing cabinet and chairs) and old decor that is no longer motivating (dated lighting and not-so-special artwork).

5. Brought in simple, clean furniture: to keep our space feeling light and airy, we placed furniture that was only absolutely necessary. Each piece now has a function that is motivating and inspiring.

6. Added a little twinkle: white Christmas lights were strung in the rafters as well as a single pendant lamp centered over the desk which has added an industrial, lofty touch. When the garage door is shut, or when the sun begins to fade, the “stars” come out inside our “new” space that creates a magical, wondrous feel!

Home office after

Home office, after. Klunkers also loves his new digs.

Home office twinkly lights adds ambiance

Home office twinkly lights adds ambiance.

Home sweet home office

Home sweet home office.

How have you updated your home office?

Photography by Skaie Knox/Johnnie Munger, HomeJelly

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