Inspiration is everywhere, and, to my delight, while walking my dog Klunkers today, I discovered a plethora of wonderful “curb appeal” ideas throughout my entire neighborhood. Namely, I was drawn to these welcoming botanical archways (with flowers and plants perched upon gates like fancy hats!), created by simply installing an arched or square trellis just behind the entry gate, then planting roses, viny ferns or bushes, bougainvillea, etc., allowing them to grow and climb into an entryway that is stunning and inviting. Who wouldn’t want to walk through to say hello?

{Bougainvillea archway}

{Rose Archway}

{Fern Archway}

{Bougainvillea Structural Arch}

{Bush Archway}

{Viny Tree Archway & Klunkers}

{Bougainvillea Gate Archway}

Bonus Inspiration: Someone decided to beautify a couple of our usually industrial-looking stop signs…love!

{Rose Stop}

{Viny Stop}

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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