Repurposed VW desk

Repurposed VW desk. source:

If you’ve ever traveled by or owned a VW Bus, then you’ll know what I mean when I say, “Honk, if anything falls off.” Well, someone clever did more than that. This repurposed bus turned oh, so groovy office desk was intentionally chopped up and gutted to park amongst its surrounding workplace decor – from the left side front and sliding doors, the windows and entire roof (and rag top), to pretty much most of the interior features (though, I think they should have at least held on to the steering wheel and floor stick shift!). The obvious decor plus? Its playfulness and functionality for two people offers a unique and creative working environment. Oh, yeah…and the functional headlights will certainly come in handy in case of a building-wide blackout.

Incidentally, the guy behind the desk landed the job after answering the company’s ad: Drivers wanted.

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