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Pit bull vinyl decal

Pit bull vinyl decal. source:

Pit bull vinyl decal: show your love of “pitties” and infuse a pop of strength and coolness onto a blank wall with this straightforward wall decal. You can have it up and standing guard by weekend’s end by ordering it through our HomeJelly amazon shop. Price: $29.99.


Woof-Wooof print. source:

Woof-wooof Dog Print: whimsical art of delightful K9s. Perfect for any space in your home, where you’ll always have your best friend nearby. Please visit our British friends at Price: £120.00 ($188.24 – Note: to purchase other items from this shop, look for the currency converter located on the left-hand column of each page.)

Long Dog Decor Door Hinge Accessory

Long Dog Decor Door Hinge Accessory. source:

Long Dog Decor Hinge Accessory

Long Dog Decor Hinge Accessory. source:

Dog door hinge accessory: this little gem is for the dog lover who has everything. You’ll also be able to check “attention to detail” off your home decor list. Buy one or many at, price: $9.95.

Doxie silhouette pillow

Doxie silhouette pillow. source:

Doxie silhouette pillow: so you’d just looooove to own a pooch, but you’re allergic to them, live in a “no dogs allowed” building, or you’re just too darn busy. Well, at the very least, here’s a stuffed stand-in solution to keep you company. No pooper-scooper required. Visit, price: $49.95.

Dog hammock, pink

Dog hammock, pink. source:

Dog hammock

Dog hammock. source:

Dog hammock: pamper your pup in a chic and stylish way with a bamboo framed bed and ultra-suede cushion. Go to to purchase; price: $249.oo, now on sale for $113.

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