One of my most fondest memories of summer takes me back to the early 70’s, to my grandmother’s farmhouse in Minnesota. I was a just little girl, laying in bed next to my mother, about 7 o’clock in the morning, and it was gently raining. Because the paned glass windows in our room were always left slightly open, the cool breeze played softly with the curtains and it felt so comfy all snuggled up under the covers. Simple. Sweet. Surrounded by nature’s goodness.

Pure Green evoked this reminiscence. Its effortless design approach, unpretentious styling, and reverence to green living is so wonderfully displayed through beautiful photography and sumptuously to-the-point editorial. If you’re seeking inspiration that involves returning to more simpler times, but by no means less sophisticated and updated ideas, take a wander through Pure Green…it’s truly pure gold.

Three things we DIG:

1. Their take on vintage chic…

and the “wabi-sabi” ethos of timeless, naturally aging beauty, and how easily we can infuse these elements into our design plan and vision.

2. The quirky and fun-kitschy refurbishing projects…

that our “Diggers” would love to get their hands on this weekend!

3. How they turn pure green repurposing…

into pure gold design, inspiring those with even the most discerning of taste to recycle and utilize salvaged materials for their home improvement projects.

Bonus DIG: Check out Pure Green’s magazine Pure Green Living, a quarterly publication filled with luscious photography that keenly illustrates timely and relevant green design, living, and the consciousness we all strive to attain for a better, sustainable world.

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