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Curb Appeal Makeover for the Ugliest House on the Block

Yes...it was THAT house. You know, the "sore thumb", the "neighborhood home value-killer", or, most notoriously deemed, "the ugliest house on the block", a place we called...home. Ugh. Still, we knew this 1932

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DIY Curb Appeal: Create A Welcoming Botanical Archway

Inspiration is everywhere, and, to my delight, while walking my dog Klunkers today, I discovered a plethora of wonderful "curb appeal" ideas throughout my entire neighborhood. Namely, I was drawn to these welcoming botanical archways,

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Home Staging: Quick-Tips to Set the Mood To Sell

One very important way to create that all important "first impression" is by setting a mood that helps tell the story of each room in your home.