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It’s really quite interesting what you can learn just taking a walk around your neighborhood. On today’s “Klunker Kruise”, I decided to pay close attention to the different types of windows my neighbors chose, customized and/or decided to live with as their curb appeal’s first impression. I was amazed at the various styles, designs and functions and discovered how really important it is to make window shopping one of the top items on our “wise design decisions” checklist when it comes to renovating or building a home.

In fact…yes…so, here’s a good tip: if you’re in the market for new windows, first do some neighborhood “window shopping” for a free and real-life example of how the different styles look on different style houses. If you live in a rural area or your urban neck of the woods has similar type construction, here’s a virtual tour of mine. Come on, Klunkers! Let’s keep walkin’!

Klunkers window shopping

Klunkers window shopping.

Arched Windows


Arched Windows

Arched Windows.

If there’s any kind of shape that calls my attention, it’s arched windows like these. I love how the bottom two houses evoke a romantic and Spanish feel, whereas the top ones call out a cathedral command of attention.

Fixed Picture Windows

Fixed Picture Windows

Fixed Picture Windows.

Custom Fixed Windows

Custom Fixed Windows.

These beauties above really illustrate the customizability of glass, framing and the amount of light you can allow to fill your home. Fixed windows are just that, they don’t open; however, they can be cut to whatever shape and size you wish and even be flanked by windows that do open. My favorite in this bunch is the top right-hand image…the arched fixed windows create beautiful architectural interest and high-end curb appeal.

Sash, Lead Glass & Bay Windows

Sash, Lead Glass and Bay windows

Sash, Lead Glass and Bay windows.

Sash Windows with Shutters

Sash Windows with Shutters.

Talk about character! Sash windows come in all kinds of different looks, functions (some you can open from the bottom, top or flip over to make cleaning super-duper easy), and are now very energy efficient. Again, the top, right-hand image is my favorite with detailing that is incredibly beautiful and classic.

Geometric and Stained Glass Windows

Geometric and Stained Glass Windows

Geometric and Stained Glass Windows.

It’s easy to add a little curb appeal flair with geometric windows. Their shape alone pulls attention and can even be used to feature stained glass art or add a pop of light at night. I love the subtlety of the middle, left-hand image, where the architect inserted a glass porthole so that the glow of the porch light (above the entryway) could be seen from the street.

For fun, here are some fabulous ideas on how you can repurpose your old windows into new decor possibilities.

What’s your favorite type of window?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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