I’ve said it for years. Some of the best art in the world is created every day, by ourselves and a little handy device called a smart phone. Yep. Photography.

Now, Say CHEESE!

In addition to the personalized benefits, the way we hang our photographs can add another layer (and level) of decor genius to our homes.

Whether you print out your photos on simple photo paper, high quality gallery paper or have them professionally printed onto glass, these are some great and unexpected ways to elevate and feature those captured memories.

#1. Staircase Gallery

Staircase gallery with surfboard ceiling

Staircase gallery with surfboard ceiling. source:

We often forget the amount of gallery square footage available on our staircase walls, yet, they’re the perfect space to decorate since we pass through them several times a day. Here, my friends Cliff and Andrea deck out theirs with the addition of a couple surf boards they store as Escher-esque art on the ceiling.

#2. Binder Clips ‘n Hang’n Wire

Photos hung with binder clips and hanging wire

Photos hung with binder clips and hanging wire. source:

Minimalists unite! Who knew binder clips could look so elegant and serve such an artistic purpose? And with hanging wire doing what it was born to do, this project’s supplies list will be easy-peasy to find.

#3. Clipboard Clips

DIY Photo Clip Boards

DIY Photo Clip Boards. source:

Whether you use an actual clipboard, or purchase mountable antique-style clipboard clips to fasten onto fabulous reclaimed wood, you’ll have a smart and simple-to-swap-out photo frame.

#4. Dresser Drawers

Repurposed photo and picture frames!

Repurposed dresser drawer photo frames! source:

When it comes time to send off your old dresser to the dump, think twice. Not only can you upcycle it into something useful, you can also repurpose the drawers into fabulous photo frames – with a built-in shelf no less!

#5. Mount onto Reclaimed Wood

Photography mounted on reclaimed Sea Groyne wood

Photography mounted on reclaimed Sea Groyne wood. source:

With the rising of more and more salvage shops, it’s getting easier and easier to find fabulous reclaimed wood. Your photography can enjoy hanging onto a small piece of wood, or display several on a leaning piece of barn wood plank. It’s just all good.

#6. Vintage Washboard

Washboard photo frame

Washboard photo frame. source:

Your laundry room will absolutely love you if you dress it up with a vintage washboard photo frame! Though, a tad bit on the nose, snarky critics will have to admit this idea is quite clever.

#7. Modern Meets Vintage

Modern photo inside vintage frame

Modern photo inside vintage frame. source: TheGinghamOwl,

As Paula Abdul so keenly penned, “Opposites Attract”, this next photography hanging idea will certainly turn heads with unexpected charm. The key is to pair a modern photograph with a vintage styled and weathered frame – the intended contrast will look quite sophisticated.

#8. Hanger Hanger

Hanger your photography

Hanger your photography. source:

Oh, joy! Wooden hangers and curtain alligator clips have just opened up a whole new world (and wall) of photo galleries. I can see it now…the surprising cuteness and texture will leave visitors smiling so wide, it’ll look like they have hangers stuck in their mouths!

#9. Vintage Frog

 Vintage metal frog photo hanger

Vintage metal frog photo hanger. source:

Fairly easily found at flea markets, (yeah, say that 5x fast!) vintage metal frogs add an unexpected industrial flair and is the perfect way to disguise nails. Take a design leap and use twine, yarn or packing string to hang with a couple wooden clothespins.

#10. Pulley ‘n Rope

Rustic Pulley Frame Hanger with Rope

Rustic pulley frame hanger with rope. source:

Talk about adding character to your wall! This rustic pulley with rope does double decor duty as a practical, yet fabulous frame hanger.

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