It’s amazing the amount of cash we have gathering dust in our homes.  Boxes of tile, wall paper, those bamboo blinds that were never mounted, an unused fridge or freezer in the garage, power tools you wish you had the time to use, and on and on.  If you’re anything like my mom, the fear of “letting go” of the stuff you think you just might use one day is often the thing that’s preventing you from enjoying things you actually need and can use today.  Additionally, the adage “Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure” can greatly work in our favor.  According to a recent interview on the Glen Beck Program, many homes contain thousands of dollars worth of sell-able  items.  It’s a veritable treasure trove.

Here is a list of items that other people dug up in their houses. Check out this list which might help you with a “jumping off point” to start digging around your own home improvement stuff:

  • Bamboo blinds (2 sets, still in boxes)-estimated value = $49.99 each
  • Can of 3 month old paint (zero VOC)-estimated value = $45
  • Push lawn mower-estimated value = $36
  • Leftover wood trim-estimated value = $20
  • Picket fencing (flower bed border fencing)-estimated value = $15
  • Bamboo flooring (24 sq. feet, still in box)-estimated value = $80
  • Mini fridge-estimated value = $36
  • Area rug (90″ x 66″)-estimated value = $95
  • Patio chairs and table-estimated value = $90
  • Tile saw (2.5 hp, 10″ blade, 120 v. 34-50rpm)-estimated value = $500

Here are ten items with an estimated total value of $1,016.98.  Let’s say you sold these items on DiggersList at .50 on the dollar.  With a total of $508.49, this could easily be enough to purchase a new barbecue, a month’s worth of groceries, some nice clothes, or pay down a couple credit card bills.  The crazy thing? All these things were sitting around, collecting dust, just waiting to be dug up and sold.

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