Reclaimed barn wood - delish!

Reclaimed barn wood – delish! source:

Ah…wood. The smell. The texture. The color. It’s allllll good. But, when it comes to DIYing, it’s a good idea to know what types are best for the kind of project you’re doing.

Woodn’t you agree?

(sorry…just couldn’t help myself!)

I’ve been wanting to make some rustic cutting boards, and every time I ask someone at a lumber yard, I get different answers. Do I need a hard wood? A soft wood? A wood that’s easy to cut, clean, or sand smooth?

Ah! What wood would work, Mr. Woodchuck?!?

Well, needless to say, I was super excited to receive this handy-dandy infographic that covers wood-related projects from furniture to countertops (and, I’m assuming this includes cutting boards!), flooring, picture frames and even mantels!

Boy! I hadn’t even thought of the heat factor on those bad-boys!

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So, grab a cool glass of lemonade or a crisp bottle of pinot grigio and enjoy! There’s some wonderful wood wisdom here that’ll definitely make your next trip to the lumber yard quite an informed one.

I’m already feel’n smarter!

What Wood Would Work infographic

What Wood Would Work infographic. source:

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