My dream kitchen will always have at least a couple empty drawers and enough open counter space for a good tap dance number if the spirit moves me. For now, creativity is my defense against cramped, cluttered storage and prep areas. There are definitely ways to make it work, so we’ve put together just a smattering of ideas to get you started. Who knows, you might just find enough room for twisting the night away!

1. Cookbook hanger holder


Cookbook hanger holder

Cookbook hanger holder. source: HomeJelly reader, via facebook

Here’s a great way to keep your favorite cookbooks free from spillage at the same time keeping prep space clear. I bet you’ll never look at pant/skirt hangers the same way again.

2. Extra Counter Space Ironing Board


Extra coutner space ironing board

Extra counter space ironing board. source: Skaie Knox,

Here’s a great tip from Food52 member vvvanessa who suggests using an ordinary ironing board for extra counter space. Equipped to handle high heat, simply place a couple dish towels to keep the surface clean of food spills, then place cookie sheets, muffin tins, and/or racks to safely cool. Cool!

3. DIY Twine/String Holder


DIY Twine/String holder

DIY Twine/String holder. source:

With limited drawer space, clutter can really catch up on us. Another use for these super jelly jars is to keep string or twine handy and accessible (and looks great on a shelf!). Simply hammer a nail through the tin top, drop a spool of twine or string inside, thread it through the hole, then screw on the top. Voila! Note: this can also be done with a tin can and Parmesan cheese shaker (where you can place both string and twine). 

4. Over the Sink Shelving


Over the sink shelving

Over the sink shelving. source:

This is surprisingly a space in our kitchens that is underutilized. Whether you install shelves from cabinet to cabinet (see photo above) or floating/bracketed shelves, you’ll find quite a good amount of added storage for easy to reach convenience.

5. Over the Sink Cutting Board


Over the sink cutting board

Over the sink cutting board. source:

Here’s another underused area of our kitchen…the sink! With a properly sized cutting board, hole or no hole, you’ll see how simple it is to create more prep space that’s also easy to clean! Check out these fabulous over the sink cutting boards on to get you started!

Do you have any small kitchen space saving tips? Share them with us!

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