Weekend DIY Project: How to Personalize Your Welcome Mat


Personalized Doormat. Source: asoftplace.net

After all the spring cleaning many of us have been doing these past couple of month, we may have forgotten one key thing: the welcome mat! Though it’s been a relatively mild winter, it’s still possible our old doormats could use a permanent vacation and be replaced with one that is fresh and personalized. Thanks to Kimba from A Soft Place to land, we can take the following easy steps to create a fantastic “Hello!” for guests and ourselves before even entering our homes.

DIY doormat supplies

Supplies. Source: asoftplace.net

Here’s what you’ll need:

• A plain coir doormat-available at any box store or IKEA’s Trampa, Hessum, or Sindal mats for just $9.99, $4.99/$9.99 and $4.99, respectively. SkaieNote: I personally prefer the Hessem, as it is made with more durable natural fibers.

• Painter’s tape-you’ll need both the 3″ and 1″ tapes

• Exterior spray paint-ex. Krylon Outdoor spaces in Earth color.  SkaieTip: use a color that complements your home’s exterior, or create a fun pop of color…go nuts!

• A big letter-wood, cardboard, or card stock. SkaieTip: If using your own letters, have fun with the kind of font. You can choose from lots of them at myfonts.com SkaieTip, too: what’s great about this project is that you can choose anything you’d like to print. It doesn’t have to be your initial…it could read “Welcome!”, “Hello!”, “Go Away!”, or be a silhouette of any shape you wish (a pineapple perhaps?). Again…go nuts!

Here’s what you do: Visit A Safe Place to land for the full how-to.

Q. How would you personalize your welcome mat?

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