Yup. It’s a right of passage. Every Thanksgiving, in many homes across America, the youngest of kin are sequestered to the “other room” or squeezed into a corner, left to eat turkey and mash potatoes on the rickety “kids’ table”. Not this year, my friends. With just a little craft paper, interactive decorations, and a smattering of coloring utensils, you’ll even have the adults clamoring to sit in the cool kids’ section.

Craft paper table: keep it simple and easy to entertain by covering a small table with craft paper. Crayons a plenty will keep small ones busy throughout the meal…oh, and it’ll be a cinch to clean up afterward. Photo and more tips:

Indian-themed table: here’s a fun way to educate the youngsters about their original Thanksgiving hosts; provide some fun Indian headbands to wear and honor the wonderful Native American people. Photo:

Mayflower table: the kids will feel extra special surrounded by colorful and historical decorations and learn how the first citizens arrived in America. Photo:

Turkey pumpkin table: what better way to recycle your Halloween pumpkin than to use it as a silly centerpiece. Poked with holes, it’ll also be a perfect crayon holder for the little ones to draw their own “hand turkey“.  Photo:

Family tree table: this idea wins the “favorite” vote from us! Giving thanks to family will be oh so fun and decorative with beautiful fall leaves everyone can write on and then place upon the centerpiece tree. This idea would be great for the big kids’ table, too! Photo:, Thumbnail photo:

Photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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