Call me crazy, but I’ll bet MacGuyver and Martha, who must have teamed up as a superhero DIY-duo, dreamed up today’s do-it-yourself project: a wash tub fire pit. Come on, the imagination to use an old a washing machine wash tub insert as a make-shift chiminea, could only come from the genius minds of these two! All kidding aside, I loved this project from the get-go. The simplicity and recycling of an ordinary household item into a functional fiery “conversation piece”, is just fun…and also so Bridget Johnson – the actual genius behind this project.  Here’s how to make MacGyver and Martha proud:

Supplies and instructions:

• wash tub: this item may be a little hard to find if you don’t already have an old washer you’re about to replace. Check your local appliance repair stores, garage sales, curb-side “take-me’s”, or thrift stores. Here’s a quick “how-to” remove a wash tub from a machine from

• fire bricks or cinder blocks: to place wash tub on top off to keep off patio surface.

• Optional: fire-proof paint. If you want to be-dazzle your fire-pit, have fun and take an extra step with color.

Check out this fantastic fire pit, its perfect size, heat conduction, and the pretty lights emitting from the built-in holes. It’s a good thing! offers some good warning points when using a wash tub fire pit:

• Keep children supervised at all times around a any bonfire pit, especially this type because the metal tub gets really hot.

• Use a dolly or cart when moving the washing machine tub while its still lit. Better yet wait until it gets cool.

• Make sure you’re not to close to the house or any trees when finding a spot for your pit, because the flames could get big due to the wind, and can start a fire.

 All wash tub fire pit photos by Bridget Johnson, HomeJelly

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