Okay, so I’m one of those girls who falls for it every year: Valentine’s Day. For most, it’s a “roll-your-eyes-and-can’t-wait-till-it’s-over” kind of day. For me? I’m a hopeless, perpetually hopeful romantic, who loves all the “like-the-movies” anticipation of February 14th. On the other hand, this year, I have decided not to wait, but to spread “the LOVE” of sweetness to my sweetheart…and do I have a plethora of sugar to choose from! “This Old House” features some outrageously romantic edible home improvement gifts that will inspire the DIYer in your life to return the favor (if ya know what I mean!).  Isn’t that the point of this day anyway? Love begets love…sweet.

Edible Home Improvement Gifts

By: Tabitha Sukhai, This Old House online
Photo:  Courtesy Tuscan International/ Slitti

Handmade Hardware

If you’re looking for the world’s finest gourmet chocolate, it doesn’t get any better than Tuscany’s handmade confections. And, home-improvement aficionados everywhere rejoice in knowing that Andrea Slitti, of the world-famous Slitti Cioccolato in Tuscany, is thinking of them. Slitti creates his beautiful extra-dark chocolate tools (Ferri Vecchi) by hand and dusts them with cocoa powder to give them a rusty, antiqued look. Each box is then numbered and dated by hand, making every set a rare and special gift. You’d think it’d be easy to scarf down gourmet chocolates, but these are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

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