It’s a warm, slightly breezy afternoon, with an assortment of summer sounds wafting through the screen of my front door: the distant chattering of neighborhood kids forming teams to play kick-the-can; a couple of dogs barking ‘n arguing back and forth over fences; the fluttering leaves that occasionally wrestle from their trees, then drift down to settle silently on cool grass.

With all this outdoor activity, there’s nothing like BBQing al fresco to take it all in.

Today’s recipe, “Veggie Shish Kebab BBQ Pizza” is made easy for you to celebrate summer, its fresh and healthy vegetables, and to also enjoy two family favorites cooked and combined together in a fun, under-the-sun, and oh, so delicious way! With the help HomeRight’s Electro-Light Fire Starter, you can also make this dish in no time. Now, kick off your shoes, put on some tunes, and enjoy the simple sounds and fresh tastes of summer.


Metal Prongs

• Spatula

• HomeRight’s Electro-Light Fire Starter

• Marinating brush

• (3) Skewers

• Large Cutting Board


Shish kebab BBQ pizza ingredients...summer veggies!

Shish kebab BBQ pizza ingredients…summer veggies!

• 1 large zucchini

• 1 large, yellow summer squash

• 6 – 8 mini heirloom tomatoes

• 6 – 8 crimini mushrooms

• 1 large corn on the cob

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Salt/Pepper

• Tajin Classico Seasoning

• Whole wheat pizza dough – Pre-made like these at Trader Joe’s OR use this homemade recipe.

• ¼ cup white flour

• Spaghetti or Pizza sauce

• Goat cheese

• Fresh basil

Visit HomeRight for FULL recipe instructions.

Fresh, zesty, crunchy and salty...this shish kebab BBQ pizza is delish

Fresh, zesty, crunchy and salty…this shish kebab BBQ pizza is delish!

All photography by Skaie Knox/HomeJelly

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