When it comes to being efficient both economically and ecologically, multipurpose furniture takes the multilayered cake. Adding the home-made frosting is when the furniture piece has character and history like the following vintage bar carts below. There’s nothing like flexible design, and these ideas are like little slices of decor heaven!

Tableware bar cart

Tableware bar cart. Source:

Tableware bar cart: this refurbished bedroom shelving unit repurposed into a bar cart, repurposed into a tableware kitchen cart packs a triple-layered multipurpose punch!

Bookcase bar cart

Bookcase bar cart. Source:

Bookcase bar cart: if you’re more into educating than imbibing, turn your bar into a mini library that’s easily moveable from room to room.

Side table bar cart

Side table bar cart. Source:

Side table bar cart: add table side charm with this repurposed cart that’s now a side table.

Bathroom bar cart

Bathroom bar cart. Source:

Bathroom bar cart: what better place to store a bar of soap than a bar itself? For easy reaching and also cleaning (via easy moving of bathroom stuffs for mopping), this three-tiered cart is funky and functional…or, if you will…funktional!

Desk bar cart

Desk bar cart. Source: Trevor Tondro, New York Times

Desk bar cart: cleverly converted into a desk, this bar cart now serves as a useful work space.

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