Upcycled Plastic Bottles Are Green & Funktional!

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Cooky Duck upcycled table lamp

Cooky Duck upcycled table lamp. source: bnodesign.com

There’s really no need to prattle on about how purposeful it is to recycle. It’s just so obvious on so many levels. Besides being green and respectful of “Mom” (Mother Earth, that is.), today’s blog niftily illustrates how fun, funky and functional upcycling plastic bottles can really be.

Flotilla blue fish upcycled table lamp

Flotilla blue fish upcycled table lamp. source: bnodesign.com

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[Upcycled] Table Lamps (top two photos): There’s just something so sweet and smart about these easy-to- identify-where-they-came-from lamps. The artist is not only making green fashionable, he’s making plain ol’ “green”…dollars that is! Price for these funktionally upcylced lamps is $185 a piece.

Ucycled hummingbird feeder

Ucycled hummingbird feeder. source: shabbybeachnest.com

[Upcycled] Bird Feeder: made out of a sleek, green plastic bottle and adorned with red plastic, melted spoons, and a feeding tube stopper, what hummingbird wouldn’t want to take a sip from this beautiful earth-friendly feeder?

Upcycled office dividers

Upcycled office wall dividers. source: Habitat for Humanity of Orange County ReStore, Facebook

[Upcycled] Office Wall Dividers: fish line and a whole lotta clear plastic bottles were strung together to create these modern and sculptural wall dividers. The vessels’ ridges also cleverly reflect light and color adding dimension and an imagined sense of privacy. Green nerds rule.

Mill Lane School's Upcycled Greenhouse

Mill Lane School’s Upcycled Greenhouse. source: inhabitat.com

[Upcycled] Greenhouse: for a year and a half, kids from the Mill Lane School in Chinnor, Oxfordshire collected 1,500 plastic bottles and then built this fabulous greenhouse by nailing the bottles to this wooden frame. By the looks of their tomatoes, it works quite well.

Upcycled sofas and table

Upcycled sofas and table. source: therealriodejaneiro.blogspot.com

[Upcycled] Sofas & Chair: this real and functional furniture set was made completely out of clear plastic bottles. Banded together, their strength and form is surprising.

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