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An Ingenious Take on Hybrid Design...Mowercycling

My motto in life has always been: "Work smarter, not harder." Well, this "mowercycle" upcycler (pun, definitely intended!) was certainly cut from this type of cloth, and even found a way to "knock out two birds

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Room of the Day: A Bicycle Built for Bathrooms

If you follow the design philosophy that every room should contain at least one whimsical element, then today's "Room of the Day" sure ticks that box. This French inspired "bicycle bathroom" takes recycling to a literal level, adding humorous function like a basket perfect for towels,

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VW Bus Turned Mobile Billiards Table

What happens when you meld art with recycling? Artcycling, of course! That's what happened to this VW Bus (anyone wanna take a guess at the year?...I'm thinking 1972 by the looks of the rims) turned pool table which, after the removal of the engine and gears,