Seaside, outdoor shower pays homage to its many surfers

Seaside, outdoor shower pays homage to its many surfers.

On a recent Sunday stroll, we just happened by this fabulous find. It’s homes like this Strand house that make living in Manhattan Beach even that much more amazing for those of us who appreciate fun details. Especially, when mindful homeowners create and complete projects that utilize upcycling and embellishing techniques that result in features like this fantastic outdoor shower.

Outdoor shower made from upcycled surfboard

Outdoor shower made from upcycled surfboard.

With the application of mosaic tiles and removal of the single, double or quite possibly tri-fins from its bottom, this surfboard is a perfect, mountable backboard for a shower head and handle. I also love the ocean water inspired colors of the meticulously placed tiles, pots , front door and trim; a design decision that rides a perfect wave of coastal chic.

Coastal industrial chic entryway

Coastal industrial chic entryway.

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All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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