Once in a while, when it comes to improving our home spaces, it’s nice to put down the hammer and paint brush and just go shopping! The lot of us here at HomeJelly has recently stumbled into Dot & Bo’s virtual shop and, with a light pocketbook as inspiration, picked out our five under twenty-five favies.

The requirement?

Each item had to be a both of unique and utilitarian. Why not ask your decor and home goods to do double duty? So, without further adieu…here’s our right-from-our-computer, window shopping top fives!

#1: Go Nuts Rainbow Bowls – Set of 8, Price: $19.99 (limited sale)



Go_Nuts_Rainbow_Bowls-Set_of_8 to contain all kinds of items

Go_Nuts_Rainbow_Bowls-Set_of_8 to contain all kinds of items.

Besides food, these bowls can stand in as succulent or tea light holders, stacked in your kitchen to add a collection of color, or they can be DIY’d – simply drill a hole through all the bottoms, then flip each bowl upside down, run a string and thread all eight using knots to secure and separate. You’ve got yourself a unique hanging bowls sculpture!

#2: Read to the Hand Book Holder – Price: $19.99

Read to the Hand Book Holder and sculpture

Read to the Hand Book Holder and sculpture!

Read to the Hand Book Holder

Read to the Hand Book Holder.

Empty or holding your favorite cookbook or novel, this quirky sculpture will give you a hand. Other uses include keeping jewelry organized or a fun display for photos or business cards.

#3: Droplet Wall Hooks – Price: $24.99


Droplet Wall Hooks in blue.

Droplet_Wall_Hooks and Art_in_Blue

Droplet Wall Hooks and art…in blue.

There really isn’t any room that doesn’t need a hook or two…why not install a couple that are as cute as these? What’s great about these droplets is that with or without a thing to hang, they still add an artistic touch to any wall, nook, or entryway.

#4: Mini Finger Food Plates/Wine Glass Toppers – Set of 4 – Price: $19.99

Mini Finger Food Plates:Wine Glass Toppers - Set of 4.

Mini Finger Food Plates:Wine Glass Toppers – Set of 4.

These aren’t only useful, they’re perfect conversation starters for your next cocktail or dinner party – we guarantee it! Additionally, we’ve thought of a flipping awesome way to use this product…flip it! Upside-down and empty, you can insert flameless tea lights under each glass, then place them on a shelf as a group. Bright.


#5: Penguin Cocktail Shaker – Price: $23.99

Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Penguin Cocktail Shaker.

Penguin Cocktail Shaker and bar sculpture

Penguin Cocktail Shaker and bar sculpture.

This cute shaker has spirit on the outside as well as the inside! When not in use, it stands in (or waddles) as a fantastic bar decor piece.

Oops…we fibbed! We wanted to include one more!

Bonus: Piggy Bowl – Price: $12.99 (limited sale)

Piggy Bowl

Piggy Bowl.

Bowls are the most versatile of utilitarian decor – perfect vessels for food, plants, trinkets, candles, or whatever your heart desires. This cutie-pie-piggy could even be left empty. Oink.

All photography by Dot & Bo

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