Gold luxury design tile from Steuler Fliesen. source:

Levi Strauss was a genius not only in creating a utilitarian piece of clothing that has lasted, in “fashion-time”, about a billion years, but also started a trend to transcend all trends.  Still, it’s conception was due to its usability and versatility.  A reason builders, designers, and diyers appreciate tile, a material quite simple in its make-up, yet so transforming in its affect.

You can discover a vast array of styles and types of tile on-line (and on DiggersList) that will certainly inspire and intrigue the inner designer in  you.  A variety of uses in and around the house, include:

  • Decorating your outside garden
  • Creating a unique pathway leading to the front door
  • Sprucing up wall décor with cracked pieces of blended shapes, designs and colors
  • Install an alternative flooring inside your home- use decorative tile instead of wood or carpet
  • Embellishing your ceiling with tile pieces that accentuate the room décor
  • Lining the outside patio with a tile trim

Home improvement enthusiasts may also want to create their own tile, using plain resources and putting various techniques to task in making their own artwork. Check out for supplies and tips on how to get you started.

Here are some tile listings on DiggersList (along with some great deals).  Click on the picture to see the post.

Glass Mosaic Tile

Ceramic Tile

Granite Tile

Travertine Tile

Porcelain Tile w/Wood Appearance

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