The real Modern Family home exterior

The real Modern Family home exterior. source:

Tour inside the Modern Family house!

Undoubtedly, ABC’s most current hit television comedy is Modern Family, packed with likeable, hilarious characters many of us have come to love. Likening the city of New York in HBO’s Sex and the City, the three distinct, family homes of the Pritchetts, the Dunphy’s, and Mitch and Cam’s have also emerged as characters of the show. I was not only honored (and just a tad-bit star-struck) to meet Claire and Phil Dunphy’s place of residence this past week, I was asked to photograph and write about this home as well.


Banister…no, there never was a faulty step on this staircase…that’s only on TV!

Located in exactly the kind of community you’d think the Dunphy’s would live in, Cheviot Hills is a charming and riding-your-bike-in-the-middle-of-the-street kind of neighborhood; an “oasis”, hidden inside the urban sprawl of LA’s concrete jungle. I discovered something unexpected, though. The exterior is non-other than “The Dunphy’s”, but the interior is something altogether different. In fact, specific areas were used by ABC as an inspiration for their set designs (like the one below), but the resemblance and TV tie-in ends there.

View of entryway and staircase.

Familiar view of entryway and staircase-used as inspiration for the Modern Family set design.

This home was originally built in 1950 and had only one story. It was completely remodeled in 2006 and was scouted by the ABC Network just a couple years after the renovations. As you’ll discover on the tour, reality is totally different than a sitcom, and in this case I’d opt for the former. You’ll notice features that are familiar, and those not so much.

The soon-to-be former owner has enjoyed his time as keeper of Claire and Phil’s house, with tourists visiting from around the world to neighborhood kids asking if he’s fixed “the step” yet. But, he’s moving on and someone very lucky will now be passed this famous torch. If you’d like to purchase this property, please contact the broker at the bottom of the page on Dwell’ngs. You’ll love it. This is truly a traditional home for the modern family.

Nailed it.

Exterior entryway

Exterior entryway…where Phil has shared many “Philisms” with Luke.

What is your favorite thing about this home?

All photography (except feature and top image source: by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly via Dwellingz

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