Today’s project takes me back to when I was around 7 years old. Remember Wham-O’s “Magic Window” sand art? It offered hours of entertainment!

Wham-O's "Magic Window" sand art

Wham-O’s “Magic Window” sand art…hours of entertainment!

Yahp. Most undoubtedly around 4:20pm.

What’s awesome is, now we can have this sort of fun with succulents! Wow! All it takes is just a few “ingredients” and a little kid-like imagination. Hop on over to my instructions on pruning and planting to keep your succulents…succulent! You’ll turn a 70s toy idea into a millennial masterpiece!



The sand and succulents terrarium planting supplies

The sand and succulents terrarium planting supplies.

 • glass hurricane, jar, container (it’s really up to you!)

• leftover salsa or jelly jar

• Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix (this formula is great for drainage – succulents uh-love drainage)

• colored sand and decorative pebbles (you can find at most box stores or nurseries)

• assorted succulents

• card stock or mailer (i.e. junk mail advertising piece – I used my Michael’s coupon mailer)

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1. Place pebbles at the bottom of your salsa or jelly jar.

This was a salsa jar cleaned then bottom filled with pebbles

This was a salsa jar cleaned, then bottom filled with pebbles.

2. Add potting mix and arrange succulents to your liking.


Fill with succulent soil.

3. Place inside the center of the larger jar.


Place your glass filled succulents inside big vessel.

4. Using your mailer or card stock paper, start layering the colors of sand around your succulent glass. You really can’t go wrong so have fun with your design!


Use a card stock piece of paper to fill the glass hurricane with sand.

You’re DONE!

Sand succulent terrariums add quirky natural interest

Sand succulent terrariums add quirky natural interest.


Sweet succulent terrariums are living art.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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