Video: Try This Clever Home Hack for Hiding Spare Keys

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Hire spare keys with this clever home hack

Hire spare keys with this clever home hack.

It’s that time of year when kids are coming home from school, sometimes when mom or dad are at work or doing errands. To make sure your child(ren) makes it inside without any hiccups, try today’s HomeAdvisor home hack for hiding spare keys. You never know, you just might need to access them yourself one day!

School is now in session!

HACK Supplies: Use an old pill bottle or small glass jar, glue and a pine cone.

HACK Step #1: Open the bottle or jar and insert your spare key. Replace top.

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HACK Step #2: Glue a pine cone or rock onto the bottle or jar top. 

HACK Step #3: If using a rock, mark it with a sharpie pen or nail polish.

HACK Step #4: Dig a spot in your front yard or planter, then bury the bottle or jar. 


Got any home hacks of your own? Share your smarts in the comments below…thank you!

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