Stakmore folding chair, circa 50s or 60s?

Stakmore folding chair, circa 50s or 60s?

Yeah, they were practically giving stuff away at the Leisure World Rummage Sale…good stuff! So, if you’re lucky enough to be invited to one of these twice-a-year shopping shin-digs, let alone have one of these retro-microcosmic communities near you, you’ll be doing your wallet and inner decor nerd a favor by stopping by and taking a look-see.

Though, my under-the-cushion coinage was a little light on this trip, I still managed to come away with a sweet and unique find for just $10: a Stakmore folding chair. I’m guessing its “circa” is somewhere around the mid-century. I also like the Stakmore company slogan: “The folding furniture with the permanent look.”

This is my second folding chair which I plan on refurbishing – at the very least changing out the seat cushion fabric (see the refurbishing idea below). For mine? Stand by on this…

Stakmore folding chair folded

Stakmore folding chair folded…so convenient!

As for any other purchases? I definitely spotted some potential DIY project gems, and even a few fun-funky decor finds. But alas, with a coin purse emptied by the Stakmore, the only additional items I took home were these pictures.

I’d love to share them with you now, along with some refurbishing and repurposing ideas to make the most of rummage sale stuff, transforming old Leisure World to new your world. Here’s an example of how just changing out the cushion fabric on my new Stakmore chair can really hip it up!

New cushion fabric

New cushion fabric. source: hiatusvintage shop, etsy

These, to the untrained eye, may look extremely mundane and utilitarian-ly simple…

Metal filing cabinets

Metal filing cabinets…just $5 each!

But, with just a can of bright spray paint and a chunk of wood, you’ve got something spectacular!

Metal filing cabinet makeover

Metal filing cabinet makeover. source:

I loved this two-tiered end table with casters. I don’t even want to tell you what they were selling this for…a definite steal! Paint it a favorite color, or simply clean ‘er up.

Vintage, two-tiered end table

Vintage, two-tiered end table

Vintage, two-tiered end table casters

Vintage, two-tiered end table casters.

With vintage books all the rage as decor decoys and crafting cuties, rummage sales are perfect places to find them on the cheap…and there are oodles of ’em to choose from!

Old books

Old books, vintage books…aka decor decoys.

Set of Encyclopedias

Set of Encyclopedias…a history lesson in and of themselves.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly home decor, but I thought it was so cute and clever. Why not set this sweet encyclopedia purse out on a table as art?

Encyclopedia purse

Encyclopedia purse. source:

I thought this was a very interesting piece. Me…I’d most likely paint it to make it more modern.

Wooden cabinet

Wooden cabinet…au naturale or painted?

Wooden cabinet detail

Wooden cabinet detail.

I’ve always been drawn to vintage glassware, but for everyday use, they’re a bit impractical. Still…they can be so beautiful. So, after a little searching, I found some new uses for them…

Sets of vintage glasses

Sets of vintage glasses.

Vintage glassware closeup

Vintage glassware closeup.

Assorted vintage glassware

Assorted vintage glassware…but what to do with them?

Who knew a repurposing idea could be so transparent?

Repurposed glass stemware light fixture

Repurposed glass stemware light fixture. source:

Succulents repurposed glassware containers

Succulents repurposed glassware containers. source:

Have any rummage sale refurbishing or repurposing ideas you’d like to share?

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly…except where indicated.

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