Brick book display, by Daryl Fitzgerald

Brick book display, by Daryl Fitzgerald.

Talk about a weighty subject! Aussie artist, Daryl Fitzgerald of Light Reading Melbourne turns recycled bricks into literary and, for sure, home decor gold. These made-to-order pavers are hand stenciled with paint and meticulously created to mimic real novels, worn pages and all. What’s especially genius and unique about these intentionally vintage-looking “books” is that their wabi sabi texture, all the interesting cracks and chips, has been naturally revealed by time.

Bummer they aren’t available in America, but that makes sense seeing the shipping fees would be quite hefty. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to do-it-ourselves if we want to display one or several of these bound brick beauties at home. How fantastic would they make as bookends – they’d be practically invisible!

Now that’s heavy.

Brick books on a blue staircase

Brick books on a blue staircase. source:

Classic brick books

Classic brick books.

Brick books up close

Brick books up close.

Brick books with worn paper detail

Brick books with worn paper detail.

Photo source: and

Would you try to DIY a brick book for your shelves? Would you hand paint or stencil it?

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