There’s an allure to outdoor rooms, especially when it’s atop a multi-story building that looks out amongst the city, crowds of buildings that seem to gobble up any space that dare gets in its way. For country dwellers, this might seem an uncomfortable and even unbearable living environment, but for those of us who love architectural cacophony, the sounds and hourly changes of light and shadow, today’s “Room of the Day” would be the perfect space to enjoy a morning coffee or a sundowner’s glass of wine. The expansive roof top view forgives the limited square footage of the deck. The hard wood and rust-red tin is soften with a cute, butter-yellow bistro table and chair set, floral cushions, comfy pillows and just a touch of “here and there” greenery. So, it is possible, then, to create irony in decor…surly we can see just how relaxing this crowded city roof top space can be. Oui?

Image: via original source, unknown.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

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