With the springing of spring, there are the unmistakable sounds that come with it. One in particular is often heard outside our windows, the sweet cheep-chirping of birds; the neighborhood songsters who serenade us endlessly without even a tip or food ever requested. Who then would ever wish to cage such melodious beauty, let alone the birds that produce such sounds? Thankfully, there seems to be a trending away from keeping nestlings captive. Still, those cages are quite becoming and have quite a decorative allure. An alternative? Insert a beautiful faux feathered friend, then try these ideas on for size…no bird seed required.

Birdhouse Centerpiece

Birdhouse lemon and lime close-up.

Birdhouse centerpiece.

Birdhouse centerpiece, too.

Fill with lemons, limes, or any other kind of fruit for a delightful and whimsical centerpiece. Perfect for a springtime or summertime table indoors or out.

Birdhouse Planter

Birdhouse planter.

Birdhouse planter, too.

The openness of a birdcage is perfect for plant leaves to spread through, creating a wonderfully natural look…interesting how even a plant can’t be caged…its leaves that is.

Birdhouse Guestroom

Birdhouse guestroom.

Birdhouse home away from home.

Birdhouse welcoming.

What better way to welcome guests than with a “home away from home” reminder and open birdcage. Its lightheartedness is fun and part of what they will remember after visiting your home.

All photography by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly