Cozy ecclectic retreat


I fell upon and into this room recently, its coziness embracing me in a design hug I wished would last for days. What initially appealed to me was an energy and familiarity, along with an attention to detail that took a second and third look to appreciate. With that, let’s take a look at the three main design elements that I believe make this “Room of the Day” so compelling.

#1. First, the pulled-togetherness of the eclectic accessories is whimsical and intelligent, definitely the hand of a talented designer. The blending of accessories made of woods, metals, natural fibers and fabrics, as well as the modern graphic giraffe-like pattern of the lamps playing off the classic Persian rug just work…and so effortlessly. Take note how the main colors-dark blues, creams, grey-greens and whites are accented by pops of orange, pink and red. The flowers pull these colors out of the rug and throw. The natural fibers of the sofa and blinds give the room balance, as the drapes and lumbar polka-dot pillow anchor and join all the other colors into a harmonious mix.

#2. Secondly, the layering upon layering of these items is warm and inviting. Intermingling colors, textures, design styles and patterns all add up to a delicious space.

#3. Finally, what immediately “spoke” to me was the functionality. Design should be real-life friendly, and this room is one big pajama party waiting to happen. After a long work day, there’s nothing more wonderful than a retreat that is welcoming and easy-going. My favorite part of this bedroom is not the bed but what is at its feet. The comfy grass-woven love-seat covered in warm and luscious sheepskin offers up a tangerine orange throw and plush shag carpet to keep us company as we read or watch TV.

Q. What is your favorite element in this room?

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